I’ve been wanting to do some projects about wine and this beautiful and bountiful area I live in. While riding my bike around Napa Valley and Livermore Valley, I think about how lucky I am to live here. After doing my Viva Frida woodcut in the Art Nouveau style, I wanted to do something similar, with wine as the subject. My inspiration was Alphonse Mucha, the late 19th century poster artist. I found a willing model (my granddaughter) and photographed her in similar poses as Mucha’s poster models.

With my first sketch, I was satisfied that I got a decent likeness to the model, but overall, I realized that she was thinner and younger looking than in real life. I revised my sketch to make her look more like the photograph. The result was a stronger-looking young woman.

I sketched a lot of leaves for the layout, scanning everything so I could make printouts of different sizes of elements to then redraw the final sketch. It’s easier for me to work that way.

A final print of the linocut. Size is 14″ by 23″. That’s about the largest print I can make on my Ettan etching press. I’m thinking about playing around with adding color somehow. If I come up with anything that looks decent, I’ll add it to the post.
I tested a lot of colors on reject prints to come up with this color palette. I used a combination of Aquarelle’s Caran D’Ache water soluble crayons and watercolor pencils.

December 19, 2018

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